“Steady guidance and coaching from RiverGlide made all the difference in taking us from releasing once a quarter followed by frantic bug-fixing, to our present fortnightly high-quality deployments.”

Douglas Squirrel – CTO , youDevise


who we are

If it helps to put us in a box, we would probably be an agile software boutique and an agile coaching consultancy. Two ways you might describe us are: we help organisations be more amazing and we're based in London, UK.

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what we do

Delight our customers of course. Most often we provide software development or coaching and consulting. Sometimes we do even more. Whatever your needs, we make things easier so you can go faster and do more.

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0845 056 9606

If you already have an awesome idea, product or service and you know there's untapped potential in your market or organisation, we'd love to hear from you. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation, so give us a call.